…said every professor in every first year class on the first day of law school. (It’s been a while, but somehow that’s how I remember the entire first week of UT Law.)

That and a heavy dose of the Socratic Method may or may not be the best way to teach students how to be lawyers, but for some real time practical advice see jury consultant Patricia Steele of Varinsky Associates and her article "To Deal Better With Juries, Stop Thinking Like A Lawyer!" 

I didn’t feel like emailing the Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada for permission to reprint any of it here, so you’ll just have to read the article yourself.

[HatTip: Deliberations – who asked for and received permission to reprint a few snippets.]

  • secret

    “somehow that was how I remember the entire first week of UT Law”

    Uh. yeah. You are the only one.

    Class started on Wednesday, and then there was a celebration with an early happy hour.

    The next day was uh, something else followed by “Thirsty Thursday”.

    The next day was some more classes and then “Friday Fizz.”

    I knew then what they meant by “being admitted to the BAR”

  • Secret:

    I said that poorly. Let me try again…

    Somehow, that’s the only thing I remember from the first week in Law School.

    See there? Sounds like you and I are really on the same page…