Sometimes I like to look at my stats package which lets me know among other things how folks stumbled across my blog. So from a few minutes ago…

The first search:

where to buy weed in Austin, Tx

Then a few minutes later – and this is what caught my eye – from the same IP address:

marijuana lawyer average cost

I can’t say most of my potential clients ever give the second query that much thought, at least if we’re talking about before an arrest.

P.S. The answer to #1 is: I don’t know. Seriously. This is pretty much proof that Google doesn’t always give you the best result – although to be fair to them I don’t know that the internet is necessarily the best place to get the answer to that question.

The answer to #2 is: It depends. How much? Misdemeanor? Felony? Priors? But if you’re serious about #1, #2 isn’t a bad thing to ponder…

  • Update

    From a different IP address, but about an hour later I see this search:

    Is possession of 2 ounces of marijuana a felony in georgetown texas

    I think the answer is that while the Constitution doesn’t always apply the way you think it does/should in Williamson County, the level of offense under the Texas Penal Code remains the same.

    So since this doesn’t apply to say search and seizure law, I’m going to answer “No”.

    Less than two ounces, but a useable quantity is a Class B misdemeanor. Two ounces to less than four is still ‘just’ a Class A – not a state jail felony or higher – even in ole Wilco…

    (What is it about Friday nights that makes people Google marijauna questions?)

  • Well, if you’re going to keep writing about it…

  • esha

    my boyfriend got a federal probation violation for POSSESS OF MARIJAUNA charge what can happen to him

  • MM

    Is Maraijuana a controlled substance in Texas?