Sometimes I like to look at my stats package which lets me know among other things how folks stumbled across my blog. So from a few minutes ago…

The first search:

where to buy weed in Austin, Tx

Then a few minutes later – and this is what caught my eye – from the same IP address:

marijuana lawyer average cost

I can’t say most of my potential clients ever give the second query that much thought, at least if we’re talking about before an arrest.

P.S. The answer to #1 is: I don’t know. Seriously. This is pretty much proof that Google doesn’t always give you the best result – although to be fair to them I don’t know that the internet is necessarily the best place to get the answer to that question.

The answer to #2 is: It depends. How much? Misdemeanor? Felony? Priors? But if you’re serious about #1, #2 isn’t a bad thing to ponder…