In the regular course of relentlessly blogging sentencing law and policy issues Doug Berman has frequently wondered over the course of this presidential campaign why criminal justice issues haven’t been raised more often. I’ve mad no bones about which candidate I have supported during this election cycle, despite this not being a political blog and while I’d love to se a real discussion of the issues, I have little doubt that the most we could ever expect to see would be ads attacking Obama as soft on crime. (Perhaps one could ask if any type of criminal justice blog could be non political, but let’s skip that for now.)

Then a few weeks ago Berman asked “Is Senator McCain preparing to attack Senator Obama on crime issues?”:


Over at The Atlantic, Marc Ambinder has this notable new post suggesting that old-school "soft-on-crime" attacks are part of Senator McCain’s strategy to get back his mojo in the final month of the 2008 campaign.


As regular readers know, I have been itching for crime and punishment to be a campaign issue for quite some time.  I am not especially surprised that the campaign of Senator McCain would return to classic line of attack on Democrats; indeed, I am surprised that this issue has not come up sooner.


Alas, while the issue has finally come up in this flier mailed to Florida residents recently, you can see that the Republican Party is not even attempting to discuss criminal justice issues seriously:



Really, could you have a less substantive attack than this one?

  • You heard it here first the maverick will win tomorrow!