• America’s Crominal Defense Group

    America’s Criminal Defense Group and senior attorney Anthony Partipilo recieve complete dismissal with prejudice for client charged with trafficking over 500 pounds of marijuana in Tuscon, Arizona. Outocme was recieved after one and a half years of tireless defense and consistently defeating the prosecution on every motion. The dismissal of charges by America’s Criminal Defense Group and Anthony Partipilo was recieved halfway into first day of trial. Anyone accused of trafficking drugs should contact America’s Criminal Defense Group http://www.americascriminaldefense.com and senior case manager Todd A. Terry before talking to law enforcement. Call us at 818-225-2468

  • svlambo

    so is that why a judge in your corpus christi area granted visitation rights to someone who on the stand admitted to “weed” usuage and not thrown in jail because in texas you allow people to smoke and use and not charge them and hold them to the laws.

  • i had doctor talk about my meds problem health for my heart to calm down and atittude i will get license marijuana i had problem healthly?