From Matt Hoffman’s 10 New Rules of Legal Marketing:

  1. "My lawyer can beat up your lawyer" isn’t a marketing strategy. "My lawyer will call me back before yours will" is.

The number one complaint about lawyers every year is made by a client who can not get in touch with his lawyer. And is justifiably upset.


But how does a potential client know this about the lawyer before they make the hiring decision? (I really don’t know the answer to this. If someone else does, please leave a comment.)

  • Ed

    Good post. Lack of communication with the attorneys I hired was always a problem, along with them not telling me how they were handling my case(s).

    I’m not sure how you could reassure a new client that you can be reached except by giving them multiple ways to contact you e.g. officer #, cell #, email; and then actually respond when these things are used. 🙂

    Hopefully word of mouth would inspire some level of confidence as well. /shrug

  • Kelley

    I went to see about 30 lawyers before hiring one. Most of them didn’t want to listen to what I had to say and didn’t seem to care how I wanted my case handled. The one who spent an hour (on a free initial consult) listening to me was the one who got my business. He’s never failed to call me back and I never really doubted he would. I also recommend him to everyone I know who has a criminal law issue.

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