One of the interesting things about stats packages on blogs is that the best ones allow you to see not only exact queries on search engines by visitors but also the specific pages they reached. (One of the downsides is that when I started this blog I was obsessed with checking the stats package to see exactly how people search the internet for information. It’s endlessly fascinating and not at all what I expected. After two years plus of blogging I’m down to about 10 minutes a day or less of checking, so it’s taking a while to wear off.)

So when someone just now googled “Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Published by Jamie Spencer, Attorney At Law October 22, 2006” yet didn’t visit the archives to see what was published that day, I thought “Gosh that’s an awfully specific search by someone who didn’t manage to actually navigate their way to the destination they were seeking… They must not know about archives.”

Well that reader has probably come and gone but there’s a link to Archives at the top of every page; if you scroll down to the bottom you can read posts by month and year and find any particular day’s worth of blogging.


And for what it’s worth – not very much – I wrote three posts that day:

Perhaps the searcher was reminiscing about the good old days when I’d post three times substantively instead of blogging about blogging, stats packages and Google…