No, I didn’t make my own list of Jury Blogs, I’m just cutting and pasting from Deliberations:

  • The Science of Small Talk, Prof. Sam Sommers writing for Psychology Today.  It’s not always directly about juries (although the current series is), but juries are a large part of his scholarly focus, so it’s relevant even when the word “jury” isn’t used.
  • Thaddeus Hoffmeister’s Juries, steadily strong.
  • Jury consultant Dennis Elias’s JuryVox “micro-blog” on Twitter.  You have to join Twitter to “follow” Dennis there, and there’s no better reason to sign up; nobody delivers more value in 140 characters.
  • The news feed at Jury Experiences, which collects news and blog posts about juries better than anyone else and includes an amazing archive of jurors’ own blog entries.
  • The American Society of Trial ConsultantsThe Jury Expert (bimonthly magazine) and announcements feed (occasional stories of interest).  I praised TJE here yesterday, but should give full disclosure:  I’m on ASTC’s Communications Committee, and will shortly join the board.  So don’t take my word for it, take Mark Bennett’s; TJE is very good.
  • The National Center for State Courts’ Jur-E-Bulletin, an indispensable resource in your E-mail every Friday morning.
  • Edward Schwartz’s The Jury Box blog, where posts are occasional but insightful.
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmm . . . . , Jury Impact Consulting
  • Chris Dominic’s blog at Tsongas Litigation Consulting, one post a month for quite awhile now.
  • Harry Plotkin’s Jury Tip Of The Month newsletter.  There’s no RSS feed for these, and I can’t even find an E-mail subscription form, but if you write to Harry Plotkin (his address is on his site), I’m sure he’ll put you on the list.  The newsletters are excellent.
  • Clay Conrad’s jurygeek, Robert Kelley’s Florida Jury Selection Blog, and Rich Matthews’ Juryology, all quiet in recent months but I stay subscribed just in case.

Thanks Anne. You’ve done the work for me, and my RSS reader is duly updated.