From John Kelso’s column “Adios, ‘Weed Hill’; Maybe They’ll Like Bong Bowl Better” in the Austin American Statesman:

In a story in this newspaper’s Wednesday edition, [Leander School Board president] McCall was quoted as saying that the Leander school trustees had ditched the name Tumbleweed Hill Stadium because it was possible "the kids are going to say, Tumbleweed Hill — oh, that’s marijuana."

In Longhorn-land it’s pretty common to make fun of Aggies, but they had to go to College Station, of all places, to find someone with some sense:

"None of those things have anything to do with pot," said Jim Manhart, an associate professor of biology at Texas A&M. "These are people who have too much time on their hands, if they worry about stuff like that."

I quickly filed that last quote under “duh” but it got me to wondering.

My sister lives near Hemphill Park here in Austin. What kind of message does that name send to the kids?

Matter of fact there’s lots of people, places and things that could use a name change:

Did Truman, Churchill and Stalin really meet at the Potsdam Conference? (And does that make it a joint meeting?) Two presidents before Truman we have “Herb”ert Hoover… since we usually use the full name with “e-r-t” included, we could consider giving this one a pass. But we might want to have a meeting or two about it.

Spiderman’s girlfriend is Mary Jane Watson? Marketing marijuana in comic books – shameful.

Should we really be telling high schoolers that shots were heard coming from the grassy knoll?

Alcohol is legal while marijuana is not, but there’s no excuse for the fact that America’s number one selling beer is called “Bud”.

And let’s stop doctors talking about chronic diseases; they are clearly just sending not-so-subliminal messages about supporting marijuana decriminalization. (Actually, they do support it, but that’s another story altogether.)

Suggestions from readers are welcomed…