No texting in court. Reminds me of back when I started practicing(1997), cell phones were just becoming common in every day life. More and more lawyers were changing out their pagers for cell phones.

In those dark ages, however, every phone’s ring sounded virtually identical. You didn’t have several options, just the default; and you sure couldn’t download the latest Britney Spears tune as your ringtone.

Basically that meant some lawyers, and I’m including myself here, reached for their cell phones in a mini panic when one let loose in court. Sounded like my phone, maybe it was. Eventually I learned not to react that way – even if it was my phone – because while most of the time it wasn’t, if I looked guilty and was reaching around fiddling with mine when the judge looked up from the bench, I was going to be the one to blame in her mind.

So now it’s no texting. I think that refers to the defendants, because lawyers are always whipping out their iPhones/Crackberries and typing various important messages into them – but I guess I’m not sure.

And as long as we’re on the topic of signs, let me end with one more. I’ll leave it up to the reader to spot the unfortunate use of a carriage return: