I’ve read 5 books so far on my new toy, and expect to write a review of the Kindle soon. Assuming I ever get around to posting it, one of my few complaints, and an unfair one at that, will be that it just doesn’t feel like a book. I knew that, of course, before purchasing it and actually I’ve gotten pretty used to holding it and using it as “a book”.

On a related topic, ACDL reader Arsenic Julep (aka “my sister”) sent me this link:

Moving to an e-book reader can be a delight, but some of us enjoy the experience of books as well as the text inside. If you’re a reader of new books and love that freshly-cut-and-bleached paper smell, they’ve got a spray for that. You can get it here; you can also go to the devil for all I care, because I prefer the “Classic Musty,” which is what my apartment smells like with all these centenarian buckram and leather editions laying around.

I also enjoy breaking the back of a new book, stretching it in all the right places to make it appropriately “bendy”. Think someone’s gonna make a can of that for the Kindle?

  • SCO

    The editor of our tiny newspaper was telling me this morning that there will be retinal issues discovered in the near future relating to reading ebooks. He may be biased. I, however, am utterly addicted to my laptop.