Any other referrer watchers out there getting flooded with searches from Bing?

It could be that the new Microsoft search engine (some say the name BING is an acronym for But It’s Not Google) is simply getting the initial benefit from curious internet users, and that Google will keep increasing its stranglehold on search.

But so far, the new site seems to be getting good reviews.  I’m torn between two competing instincts: (a) my need to at least try out the newest techie thing, and (b) my desire not to contribute to the global Microsoft monopoly.  I guess I’ll go mess around with it, with full intentions of returning to the Google.  Am I playing with fire?

[Update: Wow.]

  • MS has market capitalization approaching $200b; Google, $150b. Google’s stock trades for around 20x MS’s.

    So let me get this straight. You’re worried about cheating on one monolith with another monolith?

    Oh to struggle with principle.

  • What can I say? I prefer any non-Gates monolith to MS.