Sometimes I want to write a post about “what happened in court today” but there are a few considerations that usually prevent me from doing it.

1) Dockets are a public record. For all intents and purposes, this means if I admit I’m talking about something that happened literally today, then I’m potentially letting the cat out of the bag. The exact “who” is protected by attorney client privilege; the precise “where” – which county, which court – is rarely necessary for the point of the story; it’s the “what” happened part that (may) be worth blogging.

2) The exact “who” may not be limited to my client. I have conversations with prosecutors that may be important to telling the story – but again, it’s never been my intention to call a particular prosecutor out, at least in a public forum. (That assumes, of course, that anyone is reading, but hey…)

3) I might add to the list later, there are other reasons that aren’t occurring to me right now. I’ll link to this post from now on when I write something, and then post it later, to make it clear I’m not taking about today today.

Sorry for wasting your time; I guess this will just end up as a link in other posts from now on. I think it will help me though, to write about some things when they are still fresh in my mind.


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