Because 7-8-9.

[Two quick excuses: Sorry for being corny, but the twins are about to turn three, and my humor literally tends to run on the juvenile side these days – yes, more juvenile than before I had children. Also, I don’t expect to be alive a hundred years from now, so if I’m ever going to post this “joke”, then today’s the day to do it.]

  • NoMoreNoloContendere

    Love the joke. I bet 10 is jealous.

    Not a damnthang wrong with your blog name. But Spencers’ Perspective” – A Good Lawyer’s Point of View just came to mind.

    Any name you use is cool w/ me, I like your P.O.V. as it is just fine.

    I’m in the process of creating my own blog, thinking about calling it Project – Not Guilty by reason of Nolo Contendere Trickery

    It’s not catchy but It’ll make CNN when I drag a banner behind an air plane or from atop a crane. It worked for (The Bonghits for Jesus) dude. Anyway blog on and we will follow.

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