Certainly the most gullible among us must wonder at times why the get rich quick gurus advertising on late night TV don’t make millions for themselves by using their own repossessed real estate advice, instead of selling all of us shmucks the secrets to eternal wealth for just three-easy-payments of $99.

If it’ll only take me an average of 3 or 4 hours a week to show up at the county auction to buy foreclosed properties at pennies on the dollar, which can then be resold for hundreds of thousands, why would anyone let me in on how I could do it myself? Wouldn’t it be more profitable to hire someone to show up at the auction and literally do your bidding for you?

Lawyers should likewise be skeptical of other “lawyers” or “experts” hawking their law firm marketing advice. Again, if it’s so damn profitable, why aren’t they using the secrets to the their own success? Is there any difference between these two types of scam artists?


  • I got a call from someone once selling their “secrets.”

    Me:Wow, that’s pretty good considering I’m not in Dallas, and don’t practice personal injury law, don’t you think???

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