Oooops. According to Uncle Mike, who was kind enough to email me about it, I have the details wrong in my first marijuana arrest ever post. He’s done a good deal more actual research on it – in the sense that I’ve not done any, and was guilty of playing telegraph – and here’s a snippet of his version:

The historic October 8th, 1937 Denver Post account stated that Caldwell had “…admitted to selling marijuana cigarets [sic] to Baca…” , thereby suggesting they were busted together while conducting business.

This piece of history is contrary to a previous October 6th Denver Post article entitled, “U.S. Agents Arrest Man On Charge Of Selling Marijuana” and Caldwell’s federal criminal files. Evidently, Caldwell was actually convicted for attempting to sell three joints to “a man he met on the street” named Claude Morgan and possession of 4 pounds later found hidden in his Lothrop Hotel room.

When caught dealing to Morgan, Caldwell reportedly threw the three joints in a trash can, providing federal narcotic agents with evidence for his arrest.