Here’s a quiz for you.

A young woman is trying to use a depleted and/or somehow otherwise broken fire extinguisher to put out the flames engulfing her car. (Right now. This is happening right in front of you.)
You tell her to wait while you run and get another extinguisher. Having made that promise, you decide not to dilly dally, but instead to run across the street to the nearest establishment that might have one.

Unfortunately, you don’t technically make it all the way across the street, because you are hit by a car. You are flung 15 to 20 feet, you require medical attention in the form of a staple in your head and a neck brace at the ER, you will walk around with a limp for a few days, but good grief, you were hit by a car and you’ll survive. Quit complaining, right?

So here’s the quiz part. You…

(a)     Are given a key to the city by the Mayor for your good deed .

(b)    Are awarded a free scholarship for the rest of your studies (let’s say, hypothetically, to finish the last two years of your finance degree at Texas A&M).

(c)     Are given the first ever million dollar Good Samaritan award from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

(d)    Are given a $300 ticket for failure to yield the right of way, or not using the crosswalk by College Station Police Officer B. Fife while you are still in the hospital.

If you picked (d) you are well suited to join the Aggieland police force, currently accepting applications. And what does the actual police department in question have to say about the fact that the prosecutor was so embarrassed by this set of facts that they felt compelled to dismiss the ticket?

College Station police said they are reviewing the case to see if the ticket was warranted.

"I have talked to the commander of the officer involved in that, and he is looking into it," said Lt. Rodney Sigler, a spokesman for the College Station Police Department. "There is a time to utilize discretion, and this may be a case where we need to."

Maybe. We’re not 100% sure, so we’re forming an entire “Special Committee of Wise Men” to look into it. If they determine that in fact he needs to be prosecuted then we’ve got the whole two year statute of limitations to refile the charges.

Insert appropriate Aggie Joke here.