Robert Guest complains that he is not psychic. For example, on Avvo Answers, a commonly asked query goes like this: “I’ve been charged with X, what kind of sentence will I get?” His response:

Let’s see. Without knowing the facts, court, prosecutor, legal issues, or your criminal history you want me to guess the outcome of a case based upon the charge? Really?


If I was that good I’d guess lottery numbers, not criminal case outcomes. A lawyer can’t, and shouldn’t guesstimate plea offers without a working knowledge of the facts, the legal issues, and the court/prosecutor.

I could quote the range of punishment and state that "You could get anything from the maximum sentence to a dismissal", such a large margin of error ensures 100% accuracy, but doesn’t help defendants.

Silly Wobert, doesn’t he know? It’s easy as pie. Why there’s even a phone number you can call “to see if your case can be dismissed!