A new criminal law blog in Austin has popped up recently, but unlike those I recently posted about, this one comes in the black hat variety. That’s right: it’s written by a prosecutor.

It’s not the first blog offering by a Travis County prosecutor. The Adventures of Steanso has been around longer than almost any other Austin law blog, criminal or otherwise. But as he admitted recently, he “rarely talk(s) about the day to day specifics of (his) job on” the blog. (Also worth noting, he started blogging while he still wore the white hat and worked for defense lawyer Pat Ganne.)

And now we have “D.A. Confidential” whose subtitle promises that all our criminal law needs will be met with news, issues, trivia, and the occasional literary twist. In one of his/her first posts, our anonymous prosecutor tells us:

My original plan was to blog about the secrets that haunt the halls of the D.A.’s office, to reveal the intrigues that torment the unknowing and entertain the cognoscenti, but never leak from the airtight offices.

But then I remembered how much I love my job.

Rumor has it that DAC decided, probably wisely, to seek permission from the top dogs re starting a blog, so some of the juiciest tidbits may still go unpublished, but it’s a promising start. Posts so far include a review of the initial processing of a criminal case at the D.A.’s office, a comment about the faked intoxilyzer records scandal, the author’s types of cases by percentage, book recommendations and some humor.

Blog on DAC.  And if there are other prosecutor bloggers out there, in any jurisdictions, I try to keep track of those and add them to my RSS reader, so send me a heads up if you’re starting one, and I’ll do my best to link back to it.