Press the DirecTV and the TV Power button simultaneously, for approximately 5 seconds, or until the red light at the top blinks. Type in code 0-1-2-8. Tada!

Note to others: this may not work for you. This code works on my exact TV, with my exact box, and my exact remote. The reason I have put this on my blog is that every time I have to reprogram the damn thing – say, for example, I change the batteries – I go to the computer to look up the code.

Apparently they are about a billion different codes out there for various TV/box/remote setups, and it always takes me forever to come up with mine. So from now on, I will only need to search my blog, not the whole darn series of tubes we know as the internets.

I thought to myself earlier – hey! 128, that’s 2 to the 7th power, like 128 bits, I’ll just memorize it and never need to look it up again. That was followed by the memory of my thinking exactly the same thing the last time it took me twenty or so codes to get to the right one. It doesn’t do any good to remember my mnemonic device after I’ve come up with answer.

My brain does a relatively good job of storing vast amounts of useless information, but this particular tidbit is only useless when I don’t need to remember it. Therefore, it is one hundred times harder to remember it when I am programming the remote.

Any rate, if you got this webpage via google search, you are in the same boat I used to be in. I hope 0128 works for you. Otherwise, keep googling.

  • John Riordan

    Thanks…it worked for me. I held the DirecTv and TV Power button on the remote instead of Mute and TV Power, thou.

  • Oops, thanks John. I changed it in the entry – you are correct, sir!

  • Unfortunately this didn’t work for me but thanks for the info. Nice way to memorize the code too. That’s pretty dumb it resets when you change the batteries.

  • Bob

    works for me!