I predicted some humorous tidbits would come from D.A. Confidential, and I’ll predict now that this post may be hard for DAC to top. I’m going to forgo substantive comments, merely hinting at the subject matter, hopefully forcing you to click through and actually read the original. (You know how new bloggers get obsessed with watching their stats.)

A total guess here on my part: the defense lawyer simply handed this motion to the prosecutor in court as a joke – it’s not file stamped after all. The response is brilliant.


    }Joe Milner now has been formally accused of Murder
    Joe Milner an attorney for Austin Texas from the Milner Law Firm had committed a serious fraud against an elderly couple back in 2007, Joe Milner in Conspiracy with others purposely kept all proceedings secret, out of jurisdiction, and even Joe Milner worked in conspiracy with a process server Mike Techow, to claim a service that was never made.
    Joe Milner who worked on recovery, stolen all from the elderly couple in just one month three weeks.
    Joe Milner worked in conspiracy with Jami turner and Scott Jevon Milner, also from the Milner Firm.
    Joe Milner also kept the Judgment secret and immediately emptied all bank accounts of the elderly couple.
    Joe Milner also had a buyer “under the table” to purchase such land (hundreds of acres)
    Joe Milner continued with his illegal proceedings and conspiracy.
    But once the elderly couple found their bank accounts had been emptied, found of the secret Judgment of Joe Milner, frivolous out of Jurisdiction and immediately countersued.
    The elderly couple delivered evidence against Joe Milner and Samantha Lowry , but the elderly man was murdered at 79 years old and his wife received dead threats.
    Joe Milner immediately started to alter all records and other illegal acts.
    Joe Milner is now been sued for Conspiracy, theft, Fraud, kidnapping and murder.
    Joe Milner is an attorney with high influences in Austin Texas and Joe Milner has worked with several people to prevent the Lawsuit against him to continue, including more threats.
    If Joe Milner is convicted, He could face life in Prison, plus Joe Milner is facing damage suit in the millions of dollars, since Joe Milner also stolen the largest collection of art in History.
    See, http://highcourtofjustice.org/AUGUST_22_2007.html for more info.
    Joe Milner has practice law for around 40 years and had previously been accused of conspiracy charges of insurance scams.
    Joe Milner is now using different aliases, such as Joseph Milner, Joseph D Milner, Joe D Milner and others, also using other LLC Attorney firms, to continue with different frauds.
    Investigations continued against Joe Milner, and the evidence against Joe Milner continue to add up.
    Joe Milner has several other victims.