Anyone searching for a niche blog topic could do well blogging about contempt of court. Stories like these are getting more and more common (even if this one is beyond the pale):

According to the Sheriff’s Office, attorney Henry Ferro was sitting in an area designated for inmates when bailiff Anthony Riggins asked him to move. Ferro stood up and moved to another designated area for inmates. When he was asked to move again, he allegedly uttered a curse word and left the courtroom. The judge was not present during this exchange.

According to other bailiffs and attorneys who were present at the time, Riggins followed Ferro out of the courtroom, where he apparently told the lawyer that he "can’t disrespect the court like that." The bailiff then handcuffed the attorney.

Can’t disrespect the court? The courtroom maybe? Naaah. Just a simple case of… I’ve got a gun, and you can’t dis me!