I’ve been busy burying myself in the finer details of achieving a one word verdict, and wholly neglected to point folks to this week’s edition of Blawg Review.

  • A one-word verdict? Isn’t that what the other guy’s supposed to be achieving?

  • Uh, did it sound like I was happy about it, lol? Tone of voice does not carry well in email or over the internet, I suppose.

    I think we had ’em just where we wanted ’em, except for the whole .15 thing.

  • Can tolerance breed intolerance? How can this be?


    Historically, the indecent minority has only been able to succeed due to the indifference of the decent majority. Understanding other cultures and peoples is a wonderful approach to life, but enabling intolerant cultures (that seek to restrict our own freedoms) is where we must draw the line.

  • A limit should be set as to which point can be tolerated.Tolerance can be good and sometimes can be bad too.