I’m about to go argue a writ of habeas corpus in Austin Muni Court, for a Class C No Insurance conviction from about a year and a half ago. Client attempted to pay some outstanding speeding tickets and the monies were wrongly applied to an FMFR that was pending.

When she returned a few days later with proof of insurance to get the dismissal, she was told “too late, we already convicted you when you came to the counter with money for the other ticket.” She filed a few motions for new trial – pro se – which were denied as untimely, and the case ended up in my hands after a few referrals and through UT Student Legal Services.

Should be fun. I wonder whether the prosecutor will say “Not Timely” in response to my writ. As if that applies…

[By the way, I don’t handle traffic tickets, and I make up my own mind what I’ll do pro bono, so don’t call me if you think you fall into either of those categories.]