From a possession of dangerous drugs information:

[JAMIE’S CLIENT], the Defendant, on or about [SOME DATE], did then and there intentionally and knowingly possess, a dangerous drug , to wit: [Prescription Medication], a drug that federal law provides shall be dispensed by prescription and a drug which is required to bear the legend: Caution: federal law prohibits dispensing without the prescription,


Assistant County Attorney of
Travis County Texas

Let’s play “What’s wrong with this charging instrument?”. And I’m deliberately not linking to the Code, because it should be obvious without even referencing the statute.

  • dogstir

    Only illegal to possess when not obtained from pharmacist, etc. Once obtained from pharmacist, your client can remove any label s/he wants or even throw away the pill bottle itself.

  • It fails to allege that the person alleged to have possessed it did not have a prescription from an MD. Perhaps this would be impossible to prove, since they could not survey every MD. To require D to prove the prescription by affirmative defense could be an unconstitutional shifting of the BOP.

  • spencer owens

    Mr Spencer, would a motion to quash be valid on a criminal misdemeanor violation of protective order.

    based on the fact the order was obtained with false pretenses, the info filed states communicating in a threatening and harassing manner? The aleeged info was an easter card…
    could this fly? or waste of time?
    spencer owens – brazos county case