Some google searches that caught my eye:

www. austin state laws on – Quick, check GoDaddy. It may still be available. Probably not with the spaces in the URL though.

Can judge still sentence jail after acquittal? – The answer is supposed to be “No”, but that’s not always the case. (Also see federal sentencing.)

How much is .5 of crack? – I’m tempted to say it’s exactly one half of crack.

I think each DWI should be judged accordingly – So do I.

Pleading guilty to a .039 bac – Seems like a bad idea.

Somebody left an open container in my car in Texas – I’m guessing this is not the end of the story. If you’re asking about the validity of that defense to a ticket/arrest, I give it a thumbs up. Unlike many/most Class C offenses, which require no mens rea, the Open Container statute requires knowing possession.

What’s the purpose of the Texas Penal Code? – Where do I begin?

And the weirdest one?

Jamie Spencer and wife part – When I clicked through, I realized that the famous British jockey with my same name had recently separated from his TV announcer wife. (Makes more sense than what I first thought.)

[Update:  80% of the ideas that run through my head I stole from somebody – and the other 20% I have merely forgotten who to properly attribute.  Having said that, I just now noticed that Gideon published a recent searches post, and his is much better than mine.  I can’t help but wonder… does he save up funny search queries?  Because that’s probably the way to do this.  If his list is like mine – from recent recent searches, he must get a lot of great ones that go by the wayside.  See: How to beat the law, if someone has naked pictures of you, and my favorite this time, crazy naked sex.]