It’s me.

So says Acerbic at his anonymous blog “Jamie Spencer – Crappy DWI Defense Lawyer”. Before we get to Acerbic’s accounting of the facts, let’s review what really happened.

Five days after its first post on October 10th, I gave a shout out to the newest criminal law blog in town: D.A. Confidential. Despite the short amount of time since its debut I predicted great things would come from it, and it hasn’t disappointed.

Skip ahead a few weeks, and the Austin American Statesman does a profile on our erstwhile anonymous D.A.C., which in turn was noticed by the biggest criminal law blog in town: Grits for Breakfast. I read D.A.C.’s latest post, and was happy to see commenting alive and well. One commenter (Acerbic) said, in part:

In the meantime I have favorited your blog and I plan to comment and criticize you frequently, just as I do with Grits.

Welcome to my blog roll 😀

Hey anyone that comments regularly on Grits, and now is following D.A.C. might have some good things to say on his own blog, right? So a click through to his profile and it comes up empty. Hmmmm, this commenter hasn’t linked his blog to his comments. But I’m still interested to see what he writes about. I leave a comment, in part:

Also, Acerbic – your profile says no profile. What’s the URL of your blog?

The problem with folks who have a paranoia button is that the rest of us never have any idea what it is that will set it off. Apparently Acerbic’s wack-job dial is set pretty low, because my seemingly innocuous question really did the trick. Here’s a smattering of what followed:

Jaime, lets put it this way: I wouldn’t want you handling my case…I don’t have a blog or a website. If you don’t know how web 2.0 works, well that’s not my problem…I have no use for ambulance chasing morons…

And Jamie Spencer, AUSTIN DWI LAWYER is nothing but an attention whore…

I’m not a lawyer, hell, I don’t even live in Texas. But here this shyster is demanding I tell him how to find my website so he can investigate me…all because I told some ADA in a faraway place I thought his blog is cool.

Yowsa. Mark Draughn of WindyPundit tried to point out some of Acerbic’s errors:

Dude, you said you put this blog in your blog roll which—as anyone who understands web 2.0 should know—sort of implies you have a blog.

"this shyster is demanding I tell him how to find my website so he can investigate me"

Er, you told us you had a blog, which is why Jamie asked for the URL, I would think…

But now you’re saying you don’t have a blog? Okay, but then you don’t have a blog roll either. You just have a list of blogs you like to read. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I even made the mistake of chiming in with an attempt at humor (unreproduced here, you can read the whole thread at D.A.C.) but to no avail. Acerbic went on to claim that he said he didn’t have a blog, which he did say, but only after I had asked for the URL.

Yeah, so… I left a comment at D.A.C. – and didn’t do it anonymously. Many reputable bloggers actually ban anonymous commenting, while others allow them, but give them the weight that they deserve. I will of course continue to leave my signature when I visit other people’s homes. And by the way, Google has said you don’t really get any juice from commenting in the first place(“[We are] pretty good at devaluing these types of links”).

So calm down Acerbic. What did you say your URL was again?