I don’t care how stupid it is for the governmenr to criminalize marijuana, it’s stupid times moronic to post YouTube videos online called “How To Smoke” starring your teenage sons:

You never know who’s watching online.

[The defendant] was arrested earlier this month after Sarpy County Sheriff’s investigators connected him to about 90 "how-to-smoke-marijuana" videos on YouTube that also feature his sons.

Lt. Steve Grabowski said the videos — filmed over a 16-month period that ended about two months ago — show the defendant rolling joints and smoking marijuana from pipes and bongs with his two sons, ages 20 and 17.

He was charged with misdemeanor child abuse as well as possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

I couldn’t find the videos online, so that means (a) he already took them down, or (b) there are too many how to smoke ganja vids on YouTube for me to find the specific ones referenced by this article. So in the meantime, enjoy a clip from a classic movie…