Greenfield takes another leadership/life/law expert to task in “Client Service, And All That Guff”. The title is a reference to our expert letting it slip that what the client wants/expects out of his attorney is in fact “meaningless client service guff”. I clicked through to the expert’s blog, “Dare To Excel”.

No wait, that’s not right, it’s called “Dare2XL”. (No, I’m not making that up.) The blog’s tagline is “Reflections on leadership, using your mind to release your creativity and unquestionable talent, and being more than you thought you could ever be.”

I was immediately hooked. Anyone who knows how great I am without even meeting me must have loads of other goodies just waiting for my ego. And the bigger my ego, the better my lawyering, right? What follows are a few musings from leadership expert and master coach Andrew Hughes.

One of the steps involved in becoming a great leader requires me to "adjust my lens of reality". For example, this silly idea that I have a “mortgage on being right”: not true. I spent more time than I care to admit trying to figure out this gem. Finally decided that since I never took out any kind of loan on accuracy, precision or infallibility, therefore… no mortgage. Disabusing myself of this previously unconceived notion is a step in the right direction.

I have to “tap into the passion and unique abilities of me”. What with my previously mentioned unquestionable talent, this is going to be an awfully deep wellspring.

Also, when I’m having trouble trusting myself, I should remember my own “internal and foolproof compass that provides lighthouse quality guidance”. (Maybe I actually am infallible?)  And apparently, sometimes I even “fear my own greatness”.

I feel like a better lawyer already.