One of the big boys on the blawk sent me an email with a subject line the same as the title of this post. In its entirety, the email read “???”.*

OK, point well taken. I’ve been in a blogging slump, and to break out of it, I’m going to commit one of the greatest sins of the blogosphere. I’m going to write about why I haven’t posted anything recently.

Awww to hell with that, I’m gonna write up a list of reasons, and assign truth percentages to them.

My RSS reader broke, and once I stopped paying as much attention to the rest of the blogosphere, my blogging died down significantly. This actually happened. FeedDemon started screwing up sometime after they went to a Google News Reader feed system, and I really had trouble keeping up. All the feeds kept going down. I called Greenfield about it, because I thought I remembered him mentioning the same problem, and he said yeah, his broke too. Of course, he still posts three to five times between 6:40 and 7:05 a.m., so let’s give this a 0%.

I’m going through a professional mid-life crisis and I’m too depressed to write about work. No, I’m not depressed, but maybe it’s a small time blog-life crisis. Let’s concede 5%.

It’s Jamison’s fault. Seriously, I’m going to give this 25%. Check out this post where he practically dares me to quit blogging. Gave me the idea to stop completely, when you think about it.

It stopped being fun. This is related to some of the other partially true answers. No percentage assigned.

I’ve become addicted to World of Warcraft and can’t stop playing long enough to log out and blog. 0% – but see Civilization V, released yesterday. This could be my excuse for not blogging in the future. Just.  One.  More.  Turn.

I fell out of the habit. Yeah, this is prolly 70% of it. It gets easier and easier to not do something over time. I mean if it has been two or three days since I posted, better snap to it. 30 days? 60 days? What’s one more day?

Maybe I’m back. We’ll see. Here’s my first one back. First – because complaining about why you don’t blog isn’t really posting at all.

 (*Actually, if you include Mark’s email signature, it included contact info, blog and website URLs, and Skype and Twitter links.  A signature that’s 50 to 100 times the character length of the content.)