Bennett asked, in a comment to my puzzle post, whether I was just gonna leave folks hanging. That was probably the original plan. But he called me on it, so here goes.

Honestly – unlike most sentences that start with that word, this really is honest – I initially decided to write an impossible/unsolvable puzzle after Gamso and Bennett told me that the first one was too easy. That’ll teach ‘em! What can I say, it’s not a very mature reaction.

But as I started tapping out the Must Wash Hands Mystery post, it occurred to me that my fake riddle was more like a koan. Merely thinking about the problem was in and of itself the point of the exercise.

Or maybe it was a Rorschach Test. Anything that teaches you about human nature is something that could be used to improve your jury selection. Anything. And how you answered the question would tell us something about you as a jury selector.

Of the answers given, Bennett’s probably deserves both full and extra credit, since it was both as-right-as-it-could-be and included an example. But Justin T.’s answer made me laugh…

The lesson is clearly that jurors, like unwashed hands, are dirty and should not be touched.

…so he gets first place.