So, I get a text this morning walking out of my office on the way to court. Here’s the full exchange:

Got pulled over

Cop has my DL in his car

                                OK. It’s fine

They can’t get me for an unpaid parking ticket can they?


Not why he stopped me but just worried

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that get nervous when they’re around the police, and those that actually feel safer seeing them driving up and down the streets. Glad I’m married to one of the sane ones, but I feel her pain.

That’s what I get driving like a maniac

Wake up call to slow down & be more careful


Maybe a silly version of “Yes” will calm her nerves?

What takes them so long?? I’m getting nervous

                                They’re just farting around. Don’t worry about it. 🙂

Here’s the kicker (in other words, what it’s like to be my wife):

Warning!!! Woohoo!

Excellent. Also an opportunity for a compliment, followed by a little personal whining:

                                Pretty women have it EASY

                                Even the FEMALE cops ticket me. 100% of the time.

She got the final word. I think she’s serious, but I think of it as a punch line (as in, don’t try this yourself, Jamie, it’ll never work):

I admitted that I made that same illegal left turn everyday on my way to work so I guess he gave me a break for honesty.

Harumph. I am sooooo polite nowadays* when I get pulled over. Still waiting for that first warning. 

[*Nowadays – meaning more than two decades past the ages of 17-19, when I knew everything, including my rights, and was certain that police officers were interested in hearing my version of them.]