Comedy has to be based on the truth. You take the truth and you put a little curlicue on the end.” – Sid Caesar. 

At 2:18 in silly video number 2, the pretrial hearing, comes one of the exchanges that actually made me lol:

Officer: His hands were shaking. Based on my experience and training he was sweating profusely.

Defense Lawyer: Officer, what are you talking about?

Officer: I could see his carotid artery beating. Yes I could.

And, from an Austin Police Department probable cause affidavit (this is real):

When [Jamie’s client] looked to his right, I could see the vein on the left side of his neck and it appeared like his heart rate was very fast as though he was nervous. His hands were shaking, and his voice was a little shakey(sic).

  • Bobby Mims

    I swear that on a cocaine seizure case that I have the officer here in Smith County put the same thing in his affidavit. “I saw her carotid artery vibrating.”
    Has there been some cop seminar lately?

  • Interesting article title “No Curlicue Necessary” I hope to hear more on the subject.

  • MKEgal

    Sounds like a good reason to bring turtlenecks & scarves back into fashion.

    And seriously, most people would be nervous if the police were harassing them, trying to find something to pin an arrest on.