A client brought a nice Xmas gift to my office this week.  Tamales.  Delicious tamales.  Homemade.  But wait, it gets better than that…

Delicious homemade tamales… made by his mother.  Merry Christmas to me.

And Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Jeffrey Partlow’s apparent lack of a law license hasn’t kept him out of the legal representation business over the last nine years:

A Dallas man arrested on suspicion of showing up to court intoxicated is now also accused of practicing law without a license.

Judge Andrew Bench summoned deputies to his Hunt County courtroom on Oct. 22, telling them that Jeffrey Scott Partlow was intoxicated.

After Partlow was arrested for Public Intoxication and held in contempt, presumably for the drunkenness, the judge decided to call the licensing authorities:

The judge was so angry that he called the Texas Bar Association to have Partlow sanctioned, only to learn no one by that name was registered with the bar.

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So, I get a text this morning walking out of my office on the way to court. Here’s the full exchange:

Got pulled over

Cop has my DL in his car

                                OK. It’s fine

They can’t get me for an unpaid parking ticket can they?


Not why he stopped me but just worried

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that get nervous when they’re around the police, and those that actually feel safer seeing them driving up and down the streets. Glad I’m married to one of the sane ones, but I feel her pain.

That’s what I get driving like a maniac

Wake up call to slow down & be more careful


Maybe a silly version of “Yes” will calm her nerves?

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So the boys went as a theme again. We’ll never beat the year they went as Thing 1 and Thing 2, but this year’s theme went over pretty well. Especially when I took ‘em to the courthouse.

More than one person asked how we decided which boy would be dressed in which outfit. They had about 6 or

For those who would like further proof that I don’t always spend my time wisely: I am collecting (cutting and pasting?) email signatures of lawyers on various listservs that I frequent. Don’t ask. Maybe it’ll make a blog post some day.  Just today, this one popped out at me:

Attorney’s Name

Address/Contact Info/Blah Blah Blah

Concentrating in

Bennett asked, in a comment to my puzzle post, whether I was just gonna leave folks hanging. That was probably the original plan. But he called me on it, so here goes.

Honestly – unlike most sentences that start with that word, this really is honest – I initially decided to write an impossible/unsolvable puzzle after Gamso and Bennett told me that the first one was too easy. That’ll teach ‘em! What can I say, it’s not a very mature reaction.

But as I started tapping out the Must Wash Hands Mystery post, it occurred to me that my fake riddle was more like a koan. Merely thinking about the problem was in and of itself the point of the exercise.

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One of the big boys on the blawk sent me an email with a subject line the same as the title of this post. In its entirety, the email read “???”.*

OK, point well taken. I’ve been in a blogging slump, and to break out of it, I’m going to commit one of the greatest sins of the blogosphere. I’m going to write about why I haven’t posted anything recently.

Awww to hell with that, I’m gonna write up a list of reasons, and assign truth percentages to them.

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Ran across Tamar Weinberg’s Techipedia via Simple Justice’s deconstruction of a comment on her post “The 7 Truths About Social Media Marketing”. SJ unfairly insists she is vapid, apparently missing out on gems like tip #4, “Social Media Is Social”. Perhaps she left out “Social Media Is Media” because everyone knows lists have to be in groups of seven or ten.

Personally, I was struck by these passages from tip number three, “Numbers Aren’t Everything”:

It’s more important to look at the holistic view of the individual or entity on Twitter and across other social channels. If someone has over 20,000 Twitter followers, how many people are they following?

Excellent. We’re going to get a holistic approach to figuring out whether someone is worthy of out Twitter attention. She then dissects folks into three categories of twitterers I should be wary of, based on their ratio of friends/followers. Group number one:

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Greenfield takes another leadership/life/law expert to task in “Client Service, And All That Guff”. The title is a reference to our expert letting it slip that what the client wants/expects out of his attorney is in fact “meaningless client service guff”. I clicked through to the expert’s blog, “Dare To Excel”.

No wait, that’s not right, it’s called “Dare2XL”. (No, I’m not making that up.) The blog’s tagline is “Reflections on leadership, using your mind to release your creativity and unquestionable talent, and being more than you thought you could ever be.”

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In bold, the search terms that Google Analytics tracked to my site:

Sect of liars – I belong to several different criminal defense lawyer associations, so it seems appropriate for me to rank highly for this term.

Bong hits for Satan – Turns out my wife was right.

Released from prison now what – like most questions, the answer is “it depends”. Tempted to say celebrate, but wait… are you on parole?

The baby who was gonna be split in half – Actually no. The baby was never in any danger.

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