OK, for those of you that noticed that I just posted while serving on a jury, let me defend myself. I wasn’t picked; in fact, there was no trial at all. We all sat around for about 45 minutes until the bailiff came in to let us know that all the cases had “worked out” and

So I was excited when I get the jury summons in the mail, and almost immediately went to my computer to fill out the new I-Jury online impaneling that Travis County now uses. Right before I clicked the last item to send my information out into the ether that is the internet I chanted, silently, “No

At some point in any trial the prosecutor is going to ask a witness to identify the defendant as the person who is accused in the complaint or indictment. A fair amount of the time this witness doesn’t know the defendant personally – may never have met him – especially if it’s a police officer making

…said every professor in every first year class on the first day of law school. (It’s been a while, but somehow that’s how I remember the entire first week of UT Law.)

That and a heavy dose of the Socratic Method may or may not be the best way to teach students how to be lawyers