From the internet guru girl blog:

Personal note from CEO of IGG:

While there are many ways to project your business on line, you have to make sure you feel comfortable with the company or person you are intrusting[sic] your site and online marketing to.

Make sure you understand what it does, what you expect from it, and know that IGG is telling you that the web works better than any other medium but you have to allow the features you’ve chose to work together.

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I thought the doctors would be able to tell us whether my wife was carrying fraternal or identical twins. When she was pregnant with them. Wasn’t that something they could just know? Well, the answer was “not always”.

There are several ways of immediately identifying twins as dizygotic – that is, as coming from two separate eggs, aka fraternal – the most obvious being boy/girl. In our case, boy/boy, so that didn’t help. By the time of their birth, all other factors which could have marked them as fraternal were eliminated: placenta, inner amniotic and outer chorionic membranes, and same blood type. But what about separate sacs, don’t identicals share the same sac? Not for the super majority of monozygotes, and in fact it’s the rare same sac scenario that leads to such difficulties as conjoined twins. Thank goodness then, no confirmation there.

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I’ve always said that they’re either identicals with a few physical differences, or fraternals that look an awful lot alike. I’ll explain, perhaps, in a later post how it is that after more than three years we still weren’t sure, but for now, the results:

Dear Mr. Spencer:

Our laboratory has successfully completed your zygosity test and your test results have been mailed. Thank you for your interest in our zygosity testing services. As requested when you placed your order, we have included a copy of your test results in this email.

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Greenfield posted this morning about lawyers advertising their services on hot dog stands outside the courthouse. Reminded me of a few things that only I would consider blawgworthy, but then I make the decisions around this place, so here goes.

First, we used to have a Porfirio’s Tacos truck serving muy delicioso tacos, including my favorite, the al carbon. (My favorite might have been the al pastor, but they didn’t serve that.) They would pull up in a little truck and park halfway onto the sidewalk outside “the annex” – that is, what we used to call the criminal courthouse.

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Very soon Texas Stadium will be imploded; but 18 years ago, a twenty-something kid enjoyed Farm Aid 5 and its seven hour marathon of non stop live music. The bands included such nationally lesser-knowns as Austin’s own Asleep at the Wheel, Kinky Friedman, and The Geezinslaws (think Sammy Allred, formerly of 98.1).

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Several classes of eight 3-year olds a piece, dressed as stars, shepherds, lambs, and other characters out of a nativity scene marched in through the nave, past the parents with cameras, and up to the front of the altar of the parochial Lutheran Daycare on a Wednesday morning at 11 a.m., and sang “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”.

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Received an email today inviting me to learn (no doubt at some up front cost to me) how I could:

motivate [my] best clients to return for more business.

I wonder if the spammer knows (or cares) that I only practice criminal defense.