One of Sam’s teachers told me that he was the class clown. (When my wife was told the same thing at a parent-teacher conference, she said it must be genetic.)

Sounded possibly like a bad review of his behavior, but the teacher assured me that it wasn’t, that he just says things that make even his teachers laugh. And apparently at a much greater rate than most 3 year olds.

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Press the DirecTV and the TV Power button simultaneously, for approximately 5 seconds, or until the red light at the top blinks. Type in code 0-1-2-8. Tada!

Note to others: this may not work for you. This code works on my exact TV, with my exact box, and my exact remote. The reason I have put this on my blog is that every time I have to reprogram the damn thing – say, for example, I change the batteries – I go to the computer to look up the code.

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This blog turns three years old today. Actually, I think the first live post may have been “Logical Fallacies and Marijuana Decriminalization” posted on September 21, 2006, and there were several articles written prior to putting the blog online, but I forgot to comment on the anniversary last week, so I’m arbitrarily moving it to October 1st. (I also reserve the right to re-forget and bump the birthday to the middle of October next year.)

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I’m not much for labels, and I refuse to say I’m a Democrat, or a Libertarian, and I assume it goes without saying I reject the notion that I am a Republican.

But if you had to pigeon hole me, I’m something of a little “l” libertarian, at least as far as that means I’m

Say it ain’t so. You can’t live without that great big series of tubes, can you?

Well, I’ve just spent the better part of two weeks without internet access at home, and I managed to make it through just fine. Basically my cable modem crapped out on me, then it took me a while

If I were a divorce lawyer who wanted to start blogging… wait, wait, wait… tangent alert:

I am not a divorce lawyer. And by the way – double tangent alert – if I were, I’d be a “divorce lawyer”, not a “family law attorney”. What the hell is that anyway? Worst euphemism ever? Divorce ain’t

About saying “After all, my Mom was an English teacher,” Wayne Schiess continues:

If you are a lawyer, especially a lawyer who is serious about legal writing, and especially a lawyer who teaches legal writing, this is a cool thing to be able to say. You don’t even need to complete the thought. Listeners