It’s me.

So says Acerbic at his anonymous blog “Jamie Spencer – Crappy DWI Defense Lawyer”. Before we get to Acerbic’s accounting of the facts, let’s review what really happened.

Five days after its first post on October 10th, I gave a shout out to the newest criminal law blog in town: D.A. Confidential. Despite the short amount of time since its debut I predicted great things would come from it, and it hasn’t disappointed.

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If, hypothetically, a prosecutor were to start a semi-regular series of posts, consisting of the same 4 or 5 questions, posed to and answered by individual criminal defense lawyers (and, of course, linking to the CDL’s blog or website), what should those questions be?

My initial thoughts… One goal would be to make the questions interesting enough that they wouldn’t all be answered the same way. And no softball questions that lend themselves to overly advertisey-answers. Probably would have to include the cocktail party question.

It could be an interesting medium to start up some of our regular conversations where they’re not always heard. I’d like to hear from anyone, CDLs to non-lawyers alike, via comment section or email. Thanks in advance.

Paintings and sketchings from a Travis County prosecutor whose blog says she wants to work as a courtroom artist when she retires.  Primarily not courthouse related stuff, but there’s plenty of that in there too.

Lots of good work: for example, in the second sketch, the person on the left could be a prosecutor or defense lawyer that I don’t recognize from behind, but that’s unmistakably Judge Kocurek in the middle.

[H/T: D.A. Confidential “Not Your Usual Sketch Artist”]

I predicted some humorous tidbits would come from D.A. Confidential, and I’ll predict now that this post may be hard for DAC to top. I’m going to forgo substantive comments, merely hinting at the subject matter, hopefully forcing you to click through and actually read the original. (You know how new bloggers get obsessed with watching their stats.)

A total guess here on my part: the defense lawyer simply handed this motion to the prosecutor in court as a joke – it’s not file stamped after all. The response is brilliant.

[W]e abide by the principle which dictates that somebody will always position himself or herself to systematically harvest anything of value in this world for the sake of money, power and/or ego-fulfillment. We aim to be that somebody.

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July 23, 2009 could have been a very good day for Houston lawyer Andy Nolen.

On that day, one of his clients, “jerry k.”, decided to give him a token of appreciation, a review on Yahoo local of all Nolen had done for him:

THIS GUY IS GREAT. Got to court early and stayed like 3 hours with my family.

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