Greenfield posted this morning about lawyers advertising their services on hot dog stands outside the courthouse. Reminded me of a few things that only I would consider blawgworthy, but then I make the decisions around this place, so here goes.

First, we used to have a Porfirio’s Tacos truck serving muy delicioso tacos, including my favorite, the al carbon. (My favorite might have been the al pastor, but they didn’t serve that.) They would pull up in a little truck and park halfway onto the sidewalk outside “the annex” – that is, what we used to call the criminal courthouse.

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From, comes Pat McCarthy’s article “Turning Testimony from Stressful to Successful”. Before we get to the parts that a skeptical defense lawyer might highlight on his blog, let me give some kudos to the subtitle:

The baseline for all good witnesses is to just tell the truth — the benchmark for cops on the stand is that we’re just doing our jobs

OK, the first part is good, tell the truth. Not that any witness who was just sworn in (“Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you shall give in the cause now pending before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth, yadda, yadda, yadda…”) should need a refresher course on the necessity of telling the truth… but, that’s certainly an admirable piece of advice to put up front in any how-to article about testifying. Especially if your audience needs that as a reminder.

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Greenfield takes another leadership/life/law expert to task in “Client Service, And All That Guff”. The title is a reference to our expert letting it slip that what the client wants/expects out of his attorney is in fact “meaningless client service guff”. I clicked through to the expert’s blog, “Dare To Excel”.

No wait, that’s not right, it’s called “Dare2XL”. (No, I’m not making that up.) The blog’s tagline is “Reflections on leadership, using your mind to release your creativity and unquestionable talent, and being more than you thought you could ever be.”

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In bold, the search terms that Google Analytics tracked to my site:

Sect of liars – I belong to several different criminal defense lawyer associations, so it seems appropriate for me to rank highly for this term.

Bong hits for Satan – Turns out my wife was right.

Released from prison now what – like most questions, the answer is “it depends”. Tempted to say celebrate, but wait… are you on parole?

The baby who was gonna be split in half – Actually no. The baby was never in any danger.

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From a recent PC affidavit:

…The tin contained four marijuana roaches and 6 small round pills with 2530 on one side and the letter v on the other. [Jamie’s client] said that the pills were Klonopin. I asked [Jamie’s client] if she had a prescription for Klonopin and she said she did not.

The pills were identified as Clonazepam via the Epocrates iPhone Pill Identification Application.

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I don’t care how stupid it is for the governmenr to criminalize marijuana, it’s stupid times moronic to post YouTube videos online called “How To Smoke” starring your teenage sons:

You never know who’s watching online.

[The defendant] was arrested earlier this month after Sarpy County Sheriff’s investigators connected him to about 90 "how-to-smoke-marijuana" videos on YouTube that also feature his sons.

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