(a) An individual adjudged guilty of a felony of the first degree shall be punished by imprisonment in the institutional division for life or for any term of not more than 99 years or less than 5 years.

(b) In addition to imprisonment, an individual adjudged guilty of a felony

California post conviction blog Criminal Appeal reports on an unreasonable condition of probation being stricken from a drug offender’s conditions of probation.

A California Court of Appeal has stricken the pet-portion of a probation condition requiring a defendant convicted of possession of methamphetamine to “[k]eep the probation officer informed of place of residence, cohabitants and

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association elected new board members for the year recently. The three new full board members elected were: Gus Garcia, Virginia Greenway and Katie Salzer. The three associate board members elected were: Oscar Buitron, Charlie Grant and Keith Lauerman. Congratulations go out to all these local Austin defense attorneys. I know they will do well for