99% chance this turns out to be (a) bogus or (b) no different than anywhere else, but:

A study commissioned by the Spanish government to monitor that country’s air quality has reported what most European travelers already knew: Their entire country is just one enormous coke den. Like, you can breathe it!

Reports MSNBC:

A new study has found the air in Madrid and Barcelona is laced with at least five drugs – most prominently cocaine.

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Brian Williams had a scare piece on NBC Nightly News last night about the current ‘debate’ at the U.S. Sentencing Commission regarding making the new Federal Sentencing Guidelines for crack cocaine retroactive. (Apologies: the only link I could find to the piece forces you to watch a 15 to 30 second commercial first.)

Williams starts

The Sentencing Project updates last week’s Sentencing Commission hearings on reforming the harsh penalties created by the disparity in Federal law for crack vs. powder cocaine. Although United States Attorney R. Alexander Acosta testified that the differences were reasonable…

A number of Commissioners also expressed concern that the current crack cocaine law was ineffective in targeting

Sentencing Law and Policy links to the submitted testimony of several witnesses at next week’s congressional hearing on the disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentencing. Berman also points us to the statement of Chuck Canterbury, National President of the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest law enforcement labor organization in the United States, who