criminal background check

A private investigator that has access to the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Listserv sent an email out a few days ago (I usually link to folks to give them some Google Juice, but in this case, I’m doing the guy a favor by not doing that):

This is quite interesting, lets you know who and

Someone called and asked me this today: Why did my deferred prosecution show up on a criminal background check?

They had successfully completed a Travis County Deferred Prosecution agreement for a shoplifting (theft) charge. The terms of the agreement were:

  • Complete 50 hours of community service
  • Attend a Theft/Shoplifting Class
  • Stay out of trouble for 1 year

Question: 14 years ago I received a deferred adjudication for a misdemeanor.

Upon completion of my one year deferred adjudication, the case was disposed/dismissed. Because I did deferred adjudication, this means I do not have a conviction on my record. And, I’m in the process of submitting a non-disclosure of criminal records, however it has