KC Johnson, author of the blog Durham-in-Wonderland, discusses prosecutor Mike Nifong’s inconsistent statements…first in a public hearing with a judge, then in a letter to the State Bar.

At issue, of course, is his meeting with Dr. Brian Meehan where it now seems clear that they agreed to withhold exculpatory evidence from the defense. It

Scott Henson writes about possible pending legislative attempts mandating reciprocal discovery in Texas, where presumably both sides, prosecution and defense lawyers, would have to turn over any evidence they have to each other. Instead, he suggests:

The reform needed here isn’t "reciprocal discovery," but simply to mandate that all Texas prosecutors maintain an "open file"

When someone gets arrested in Austin, Texas and comes to see me for help with their case, one of the things they are usually surprised to find out about the system is the length of time it takes to get a copy of the police report – several months for a misdemeanor, sometimes never on