At some point in any trial the prosecutor is going to ask a witness to identify the defendant as the person who is accused in the complaint or indictment. A fair amount of the time this witness doesn’t know the defendant personally – may never have met him – especially if it’s a police officer making

…or “How To Not Get Arrested for DWI”

Background for the Post

I went to see Steanso and his band play some excellent tunes from the 80’s a few months ago and it was a great gig. Folks were talking about it all over the Travis County Courthouse for some time afterwards. Rumor is the setlist got

I have recently started a separate blog for DWI issues and questions which can now be found over at the Austin DWI Lawyer Blog.

Topics covered: Texas DWI laws, traffic stops, field sobriety tests, license suspensions and ALR hearings, occupational driver’s licenses, pretrial motions and trial issues.