Any other referrer watchers out there getting flooded with searches from Bing?

It could be that the new Microsoft search engine (some say the name BING is an acronym for But It’s Not Google) is simply getting the initial benefit from curious internet users, and that Google will keep increasing its stranglehold on search.

But so far, the new site seems to be getting good reviews.  I’m torn between two competing instincts: (a) my need to at least try out the newest techie thing, and (b) my desire not to contribute to the global Microsoft monopoly.  I guess I’ll go mess around with it, with full intentions of returning to the Google.  Am I playing with fire?

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One of the interesting things about stats packages on blogs is that the best ones allow you to see not only exact queries on search engines by visitors but also the specific pages they reached. (One of the downsides is that when I started this blog I was obsessed with checking the stats package to see

I know just enough about SEO – search engine optimization – to be dangerous.

That is to say, I find it interesting, and I’ve looked into it, but I’m not remotely an expert.

But folks come up to me in the Travis County Courthouse frequently – other lawyers that is – and ask me point

Per year. $1,000,000.00 into Google’s coffers.

That’s my guestimate as to how much local defense lawyers are spending in these parts to advertise various phrases through Google’s AdWords program.  I’m going to attempt to make this a substantive post, not just something that Google – or the other search engines – scans and reads for various