Larry King interviewed the apoplectic comedian Lewis Black tonight on CNN (30 minutes past the end of the broadcast and it’s still not linkable – is this the internet age or not? No seriously, I’ll try to link to it when it’s available.)

Last question from Larry was about whether or not the rumor was true:

Some queries, as usual, highlight good questions. Some I just find amusing. Here goes my summary of the best searches that brought up Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer this month.

Probation Fees Travis County Tx

It’s $62 per month to be on probation in Travis County, and, I think, pretty much everywhere in the state. Hyper technically, it’s $60

A big thanks goes out to all the guys at LexBlog: Kevin, Jesse, Stacey, Rob and all the others that helped me launch this blog, and keep it running for this first year.

Technically, I think it launched in late September 2006, but I’m going to artificially call October 1, 2007 the one year

Well, my spur of the moment Top 10 Criminal Defense Blogs survey/poll turned out to be quite a project. I appreciate everyone’s patience. Let me briefly explain how I will interpret the results.

First, this was never scientific. I asked folks to send in their favorite blogs relating to criminal defense or criminal justice. Some responders voted for themselves