From Ron Chapman’s new blog/website, “Federal Criminal Lawyer – Frequently Asked Questions”, comes this post titled in the form of a question, “How Can You Avoid a Minimum Mandatory Sentence in Federal Court?”:

In federal court, there are only two ways to avoid such a sentence:

1. Safety valve; and
2. Cooperation.

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Excellent article by Christopher Shea who writes the ‘Critical Faculties’ column in this weekend’s Boston Globe, “Life Sentence”:

What if America launched a new New Deal and no one noticed? And what if, instead of lifting the unemployed out of poverty, this multibillion-dollar project steadily drove poor communities further and further out of

Former president Gerald Ford’s passing is regrettable, of course, and I’m sure the media will bombard us with all sorts of tributes to the man, many of which may be deserved. I write here, however, of his pivotal role in the unfortunate escalation of the so called “War on Drugs”, and its aftermath.

From his April