Section 106.117. Report of Court to Department of Public Safety

(a) Each court, including a justice court, municipal court, or juvenile court, shall furnish to the Department of Public Safety a notice of each:

(1) adjudication under Title 3, Family Code, for conduct that constitutes an offense under this chapter;

(2) conviction of an offense under this

Article 42.12. Section 20. Reduction or Termination of Community Supervision

(a) At any time, after the defendant has satisfactorily completed one-third of the original community supervision period or two years of community supervision, whichever is less, the period of community supervision may be reduced or terminated by the judge. Upon the satisfactory fulfillment of the conditions

§ 521.457. Driving While license Invalid (Suspended)

(a) A person commits an offense if the person operates a motor vehicle on a highway:

(1) after the person’s driver’s license has been canceled under this chapter if the person does not have a license that was subsequently issued under this chapter;

(2) during a period that the person’s

Article 2.132. Law Enforcement Policy on Racial Profiling. 

(a) In this article:

(1) "Law enforcement agency" means an agency of the state, or of a county, municipality, or other political subdivision of the state, that employs peace officers who make traffic stops in the routine performance of the officers’ official duties.

(2) "Race or ethnicity" means of