If, hypothetically, a prosecutor were to start a semi-regular series of posts, consisting of the same 4 or 5 questions, posed to and answered by individual criminal defense lawyers (and, of course, linking to the CDL’s blog or website), what should those questions be?

My initial thoughts… One goal would be to make the questions

D.A. Confidential is outed by the Austin American Statesman:

Mark Pryor said that friends, neighbors and fellow lawyers regularly ask him about his job as a felony prosecutor in Travis County.

And the former newspaper reporter, who hopes to soon be a published novelist, loves to write.

So Pryor began a blog last month called

So Western Justice’s quote of the week – or is that quote of the month? – is currently:

“In my courtroom, day after day, I have seen the dregs of the community—and some of their clients, too."

I’ll admit it’s a bit amusing.  Everyone loves a good lawyer joke. Seems to be coming out of

Too often the phrase “splitting the baby” is equated with justice. And sometimes the arbiters of justice in our modern world (judges) believe that giving something to both parties involved in a dispute is the wise and fair thing to do, after all, that’s the Wisdom of Solomon, isn’t it? Well, let’s see…

Two women having recently