Skip to 3:30 in the 6 minute clip and you’ll see Senator Jim Webb raising one of my favorite talking points when it comes to educating folks about the so called War on Drugs. Here’s my unofficial transcript of the relevant portion:

Webb: We’ve got an incarceration rate in this country, we’re imprisoning twenty five

Dallas defense lawyer Robert Guest has an interview today with a substance abuse treatment expert. Here’s #8 from the Q&A:

8. Does prosecution help addicts?

I think that if a person doesn’t learn from his past transgressions, and still doesn’t recognize the harm he or she is doing to themselves and others than you need to

Via Huffington Post, the first sentence of a new post by the Chief of Congressional & Public Affairs for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration:

The drug trade never fails to surprise those of us at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

You mean, you keep touting your successes (‘Major Heroin/Cocaine/Marijuana Bust’)… and, yet, nothing ever

For the Iraq War Blogstorm project, some quick thoughts on how the War on Drugs is like the War in Iraq:

Both Wars

  • Are costing the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars. Trillions if the full economic costs are calculated.
  • Have huge ‘cottage’ industries supporting them, and someone is getting rich off of them.

  • Programs for the elderly are being slashed in Maine.
  • Government jobs are being eliminated in New Jersey.
  • Prison construction has been put off in Virginia.
  • Some schools in California will end their music programs.

I bulleted the first four sentences of a New York Times article by Jennifer Steinhauer, “As the Economy Falters, So Do